National Standards

National Standards came into effect in 2010 and are reference points or signposts of achievement for students at each year level.

Assessment against the National Standards at Elm Park School

National Standards are benchmarks of student achievement and not tests. Teachers are required to use a range of assessment data to make an overall teacher judgement about the level of progress and achievement.

What is an Overall Teacher Judgement (OTJ)

An OTJ involves drawing on and applying the evidence gathered up to a particular point in time in order to make an overall judgement about a student’s progress and achievement.

Teachers will:

  • assess individual students’ progress and achievement in relation to the standards.
  • support students to use assessment information to inform their own learning goals and their next learning steps.
  • use a range of assessment information.
  • provide ongoing reporting to parents in plain language about their children’s progress in relation to National Standards, including twice a year at Collaborative Conferences using e-portfolios.
  • provide clear information to parents, families and whanau so they can support their children’s learning at home.

Student Involvement

At Elm Park school we firmly believe that students need to be actively involved in their own learning; using a range of approaches allows the student to participate throughout the assessment process.